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Manos Voyatzakis

Born in Thessaloniki in 1965. He graduated with honors from the American College of Thessaloniki “Anatolia”. In 1983 he was introduced through exams at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where he studied at the Law School obtaining his degree in 1987 with an “excellent” degree. In 1990 he takes an oath as an attorney-at-law in Thessaloniki’s Court of First Instance. He began his professional career as a trainee attorney at the law office of late Asterios Boukouvalas dealing especially with Criminal Law.

The cases that Voyatzakis mainly covers are related to Civil and Commercial Law, while he has particular experience in the field of tourism. He has carried out several cases concerning individuals who are in dispute with banks and has consulted as legal advisor to major tourist enterprises as “Doukas Tours”, “Zorpidis Travel Services”, “Colonial”, etc.

Over the last decade he has specialized in the area of Compulsory Enforcement. Typical example of his specialty and also one of the most famous cases to general public is the seizure of an aircraft type Boeing of the Ukrainian airline “Aerosvit” at the airport “Macedonia” in 1998, after the fatal crash of the aircraft named “Yakovlev” in Pieria Mountains.

Voyatzakis is a member of Thessaloniki Bar Association and he speaks fluently English, German and few Spanish. Manos Voyatzakis' brief CV can also be found in the latest edition (2011) of “Hübners Who is Who in Greece”, the largest encyclopaedia which contains biographies of most significant personalities.