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Dimitris Patsikas

Born in Veria, 1987. Having graduated with honors from the 4th Veria high school, he was introduced at Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2005.

After having participated in a traineeship at the Hellenic Parliament in the summer of 2009, he then graduated with a "very good" degree. Following the fulfillment of his military service and in order to further his knowledge, he successfully completed postgraduate studies at the Law School of Thessaloniki in the area of Public Law and Political Science (distinction). He is a PhD candidate in Constitutional Law and a member of Thessaloniki Bar Association and he speaks fluently English and French. He has also been teaching Constitutional and Administrative Law at Hellenic Police Constable School during academic year 2017-2018.


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-The uninvolved President of the Republic, Aristovoulos Manessis Association (

He publishes his views on political and social agenda in his personal blog.