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Compulsory Enforcement

One of the most complex areas in the Greek law is the enforcement and implementation of judgements. It is no coincidence that many enforcement orders remain still or continue unexecuted for long time.

A comprehensive study and interpretation of Civil Procedure’s detailed provisions, combined with the respective case law changes, are not only essential for protecting the interests of our clients, but also a top priority for our office.

Some of the enforcement issues which concern us are:

  • distraint on real property
  • distraint on chattels
  • garnishment
  • auctions (acceleration, notice, resume)
  • appeals against enforcement (arrest of judgement, stay of execution)

Our law office has dealt with one of the most well-known enforcement cases throughout Europe. The seizure of an aircraft type Boeing of the Ukrainian airline “Aerosvit” at the airport “Macedonia” in 1998. The procedure was initiated by relatives of aircraft “Yakovlev” passengers, who crashed a year earlier in Pieria Mountains.